Our story...

Dallas Conex began its journey into the mobile-storage industry as a transport vendor; a commercial service that we still provide. We started delivering for other companies who either rented or sold. It was there that we first noticed the need for more transparency and better customer service regarding the purchase of containers. Too many times we would encounter a customer that was not happy with the product that we were contracted to deliver for another company.

When we asked about their experience, the customers usually told us the same story: that they wanted a container but did not know where to purchase one - so they were left to browse the internet and different classified ads. When answering these ads, they often encountered commissioned sales agents working for out of state container brokers. These sales contractors are trained to say anything they think the customer wants to hear; just to make the sale. Once the container was delivered; often times the customer was either disappointed with what actually showed up, or they were very frustrated at how long it took for the container to actually arrive after payment had been made.

It was after too many of these experiences that Dallas Conex decided to give people a better choice when it came to the purchase of containers! That is when we began to not only just transport containers; but to offer them for sale as well. It was an easy transition since Dallas Conex already had relationships with all of the intermodal storage yards in the DFW and Houston areas!

Dallas Conex now proudly offers for sale high-quality containers at wholesale prices. Our shipping containers are sourced directly from intermodal circulation, so they're guaranteed not to leak! We are as upfront as possible when communicating the entire process; from preordering to delivery. Our goal is to provide every customer with a positive experience from start to finish. Let us show you how simple and rewarding the experience can be!