Frequently Asked Questions





Can I pick out the container I want?

Because we work with an inter modal storage yard, there are hundreds of containers on site. Dallas Conex buys in bulk, and we provide your container from our inventory. Because of this arrangement, usually the container that is next in line, is your container! But don’t worry, our Cargo Worthy containers go through a thorough IICL inspection process, and are certified to be up to IICL standards.


What are containers made of?

All shipping containers are made of 14 gauge solid Corten steel. The floors are made from steel cross-members covered with 1 1/8-inch-thick marine grade plywood, pretreated to be water resistant and pest-proof. These containers are extremely secure and guard against theft!


What are my size options?

Dallas Conex has 40' and 20' options always in stock. Within the 40', you also have the choice between a standard, or a high cube. Standards measure 8'x40'x8’6”. High cubes measure 8'x40'x9'6". We also have access to discounted special orders, such as 45', or double door options. Shoot us a text or call and we can quote the special ones for you!


What is the difference between a Standard and a HC?

A standard is a 40' container that is 8' wide and 8' ½" feet tall. A high cube is 1' taller, at 9' ½" feet tall. Usable space inside a Standard or High Cube is about the same though.


Can I choose the color of my container?

We cannot always guarantee colors, as the arrangement explained above prevents "picking and choosing" on the yard. Unfortunately; rearranging the whole stack is not an option due to safety and time constraints. 


How do I pay?

All of our sale transactions are handled by Intuit Merchant Services, which is one of the largest payment processing companies in America. Once we email you an invoice, there will be a secure and encrypted link to enter your payment info. You pay them, they pay us. Very simple! This can alleviate any stress about paying online. Dallas Conex accepts all major Credit Cards as well as Electronic Checks or Bank Drafts. We cannot, however, accept COD (Cash on Delivery).




How do you grade the container’s condition, and what is the difference between new and used?

There is no uniform regulation as to what each grading category entails, meaning grading systems are subjective. We use independent third-party inspection companies to ensure all containers meet ISO standard and/or customer’s required specifications. ISO, (International Standardization Organization) is an international organization that is working towards harmonizing worldwide technical standards; including those governing the construction of shipping containers.

New containers are sold with one trip under their belt. They are shipped loaded, directly from overseas. Once they arrive, they are unloaded and sold directly to the yards. Hence the name, 'one-trippers'. These containers are usually colored tan, and have little to no cosmetic damage. 

Used containers have crossed the ocean multiple times, but are tested to withstand 'cargo worthy' conditions. This means they can have up to 8 containers stacked on top, the doors open and close, and there are no holes or leaks. They may have some bumps and bruises, but these containers still provide quality storage for any equipment, as they are weather and rodent proof. 

What is the lead time?

The lead time, or time between payment and delivery, is less than one week. This is considerably faster than our competitors! This is dependent on stock availability, special orders, delivery location, and other circumstances like the weather. When we quote price, we quote delivery time.


Can your trucks safely fit and deliver onto my property?

Before we move forward with any sale, we want to ensure that our delivery equipment can safely access your property to deliver, for obvious reasons. We use 4x4 duallys and hydraulic tilt-deck trailers to deliver.  Check out the pictures and videos on the home page! This means we need ample space to enter, maneuver, drop, and exit your property. The Tilt-Bed will need 40' of additional space to deliver (80' total for 20' containers). Please note, if we cannot safely deliver, you will still be charged the delivery fee. See more on our Delivery Page »


How do I know my information is safe?

To safeguard your privacy, Dallas Conex never handles your payment information. We do not log your Credit Card or Banking information (we actually never even see it!). So you can rest assured that your financial information will always remain %100 safe and private! If there are ever any issues with billing, Intuit Merchant Services can be reached at Payments Support at 1 (800) - 558-9558.