Dallas Conex is a commercial transport vendor for some of the largest companies in the mobile-storage industry. We now also offer conex-boxes for sale to the general public - at wholesale prices. This is made possible by leveraging our contacts in the industry; allowing us to provide value pricing benefits to our customers.


Our Services

Dallas Conex offers shipping containers in multiple sizes at affordable prices. Transporting ourselves is a cost efficient way to cut prices and deliver faster.  

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What is a Roll Off Delivery? 

Here at Dallas Conex, we believe in working harder and smarter! Every delivery is done with a hydraulic tilt deck trailer. Check out the picture above! This allows our drivers to place the container with precision and speed. We save our customers time and money, as there is no additional equipment required! 

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Inside the Container Industry

As a consumer, being informed and aware is of high importance. We want our customers to know that we have your back! Learn about how the industry works, as we transparently explain how containers get from overseas, to your backyard. 

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Delivery Pics: