So, you've decided that you want to purchase a shipping container! 

Great! If so, then odds are you've been to numerous sites and Craigslist's ads trying to get some information. Are you confused yet by all the conflicting data? You're not alone! 

Typical Industry Standards

Most online sites and Craigslist ads are posted by independent sales brokers who claim to have the containers in stock at a location that you can't go to for "security" reasons. The truth is, there are only TWO places to obtain shipping containers; leased intermodal container storage yards and independently owned storage yards.

Leased Storage Yards

Leased storage yards are contracted to store containers for many different companies that need space to store their units; either before or after they've been used for shipping freight. These companies normally don't sell their boxes since they use them. Some other companies buy older, non-serviceable containers from these freight providers and then sell them to the general public for general storage needs. That's where online brokers get theirs from - period. Most all of those types of containers are in the same general used shape.                               

No one gets to choose individual containers from those types of yards since there are dozens stacked on top of each other. It would take all day! A group of used containers is bought and you get the next one off of the stack; end of story. These used containers are what you would buy for general storage; as they are WWT (Wind & Water Tight) and work well for that. If you want a container that looks new; then you have to buy a new container at double the cost or more.

Independent Yards

Independently owned yards have their own containers that they've secured through purchase by some means. They may even let you go there and pick the one you like. Those yards generally charge a premium price for that luxury since it costs so much to ship those boxes to their yard.

The Dallas Conex Experience

Our sales staff have actual experience in the field, and know exactly the process that you are going through! We are here to make everything easy and stress free.

Dallas Conex has relationships with all local intermodal storage yards so that we sell used containers at wholesale cost due. These containers are still in cosmetically good shape and will serve your storage needs without issue. Depending on the grade you choose, they may have some bumps and bruises from normal freight use only.

Our containers are generally in better shape than what you get from an online broker. Typically, in this industry, sales brokers are out of state and have no knowledge of containers or deliveries, other than what the ‘big man’ provides on a call sheet.  And those out of state big man companies? They may purchase “As Is” stock that may or may not be damaged. You won’t know it until they try and deliver it! Because we are local, the inventory from Dallas Conex is guaranteed to be of high quality with no holes in any unit we sell; or your money back!

Dallas Conex does offer new and cargo worthy containers for sale; if that is what you want. We can also fabricate or paint them any way you wish. Custom work must be prepaid. 


The internet is loaded with company sites that claim they can be everything to everybody and can deliver everything you might desire. Beware! Many times, you will notice that sites do not list an office address or anything about them or their owners and operators. Choosing the right supplier is probably the most important step on your way to making a container purchase.

This is the container industry in a nutshell, please feel free to refer to our FAQ page.